Photo Update -Kartarpur Night views and Immigration Terminal

9th November is swiftly approaching, the dreams of Millions of Sikhs around the World especially in India will be fulfilled, as the Gurdwara in Kartarpur will be officially open for Sikhs to perform their religious rituals. Prime Minister Imran Khan will be officially inaugurating #KartarpurCorridor and the Sikhs will be allowed to visit the Gurdwara, free of cost on the day of inauguration.

The Sikhs will be charged $20/visit, however Prime Minister Imran Khan recently waived off the fee charges on the day of inauguration and birthday of Guru Nanak, the passport condition for Sikhs also revoked. Over 5000 Sikhs will be visiting the Gurdwara on daily basis. Sikhs from other countries are also expected to visit in a big number.

Pakistan will generate over 5.5 Billion rupees of direct revenue annually, and the money will be utilised on the minorities. Other industries including hospitality and transport will also flourish and the locals will have better jobs at their doorsteps.

Source: PTI Facebook Page

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Excellent Simply Exquisite Welcome to our Sikh Bros & Sis & GOD Bless Pakistan. Imran Khan Zindadbad. Pakistan Paindabad

Pakistan is a peace loving Country with full rights to Mionrities to exercise & perform their religious & spiritual obligations. We promote love, care & peace. We also welcome with openhearts our lovely Brothers & Sisters from India. Stay Blessed, Happy & Healthy (Ameen)

I hope it will lead to better relations between our two countries and our people.
We deserve it.

Yes Agreed We truly deserve it
I also hope & pray that it will lead to start of excellent realtions between two Neighbours

is local pakistani citizen allow to attend the ceremoney of baba guru nanak

Yes, Please take your ID card with you. You can’t enter without National ID card. PKR 200/head is entry fee.

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